Produits résidentiels

Here is a brief description of the products commonly used at Hydrosol. Some of these products are subject to change depending on the time of the season and any changes may occur depending on the type of terrain or project to be executed.


One recipe, four major and Ecological ingredients.

Water :
Water acts as a carrier in the mixture. In constant contact with the seed, the water starts the germination process as soon as it is applied.

Seeding :
Using seeds superior to any other seed, Hydrosol ensures to control the quality of the seeds of each application and uses several genetics to diversify and adapt to the climate and different soils of Quebec.

Fertilizer :
We use fertilizers that act dramatically as a starter. These slow-release fertilizers stimulate and cause seed rooting and microbial activity during the first 20 days of growth.

Mulch :
Hydrosol will determine the right mulch product to use, as each application may require a different mulch. When watering, mulch gives a green or brown color to the soil. In addition to giving an immediate appearance to the field, it protects the seed. The moisture stored in the thick hard layer is conducive to the growth of the lawn. Its properties are not only nutritious, but 100% biodegradable. This compound may be found on your concrete or pavement. Be without fear, a light rain or a simple watering will erase all traces.

Seeds VarietyCaracteristics and Usage
Hydro ÉconoHydrosol Econo is a reliable and cost-effective blend of 5 seed varieties specifically designed for large areas while having a healthy, sustainable appearance. This mixture adapts very well to the soil having little organic matter and oriented towards a result adapting to our Quebec climatic conditions.
Hydro SuprêmeHydrosol Supreme is a high quality blend that has been selected from 8 varieties of high quality seeds. Having as property the sunny grounds, our mixture is inexpensive and translates into a beautiful economy if one compares with conventional peat and requires little maintenance at maturity.
Hydro Élite +Specially designed by Hydrosol, this blend of 14 varieties has been genetically modified to offer a product of exceptional quality respecting all the best environmental criteria and giving a rich and abundant lawn once mature. Our mix has all the benefits of a flat lawn without spending so much time and money on it. Its root system is unique and its biodiversity makes our mixture very tolerant to drought and cold conditions. It is also environmentally friendly, and is good for kids and pets. This mixture performs as much in the sun as in the shaded areas. This blend is the pride of our expertise.
Hydro OmbraOur Ombra blend is a hybrid of selectively selected varieties that adapt well to shade and aim to green inaccessible places. Our 5 varieties specially designed for shade will make a turf of the finest and dark green color.
Hydro ToundraSpecially formulated from 8 genetically modified varieties for almost minimum maintenance and requiring little fertilization. It also provides rapid germination in all conditions. Our mix provides a long-term solution and weed control and allows a healthy establishment. Tolerating the shade to perfection, our Toundra mix is one of a kind and can generate substantial savings in mowing and up to one mowing per month depending on the region.
This table represents only five products among many others. Following an evaluation with our client, we will offer him a product that will meet his needs. Whether your soil is sandy, clayey, rich or poor in sedimentation, Hydrosol will advise you the right product.


Seeds with slope retention
Seeds for little or no mowing for large areas
Seeds for playgrounds
Seeds resistant to salt and difficult winter conditions
Flowering seeds with addition of legumes and perennial seeds

And several other cultivars on request

Sectors targeted

  • Residential Sectors (Prestige Seeds)
  • Commercial / Industrial Sectors
  • Municipal Sectors
  • Sports Fields : soccer fields, baseball, football
  • Golf Courses
  • Rugged terrains (erosion control)