About Us


Hydrosol’s mission is to become the leader in hydraulic seeding, erosion control and the environment in the residential, commercial and industrial and thus promote its efficiency and its many still unknown advantages.

Hydraulic seeding for a better Quality!!


High quality and challenging to any competition, hydraulic seeding is an agronomic and innovative method that is a new technique replacing traditional peat for some projects and has several aspects that offer added value. Hydraulic seeding, or sometimes called hydro-seeding, offers unmatched quality and sometimes even genetically modified to the needs and the project.

Unlike the competition that does a little bit of everything, Hydrosol specializes in hydraulic seeding, control of erosions developing custom agronomic solutions. The difference is simple, Hydrosol uses components other than recycled newsprint, which is intended for low value road projects and used by most craftsmen improvising in seeding and often without knowledge. That’s why Hydrosol will answer all your questions and assure you at all times that the products used are of the highest quality from the best manufacturers all over the world.

In addition to offering an innovative and adequate product to our customers, our primary goal is to distinguish ourselves by the quality of our products and agronomic processes that are at the cutting edge of technology. Hydrosol allows you to achieve results that meet your expectations while working for the environment and for the satisfaction of our customers.

In addition, the technology of hydraulic seeding is a 100% natural process for greener spaces at lower cost. Our unique techniques