Services Résidentiels

Sometimes referred to as over-seeding, this method of repair and reconditioning involves incorporating seeds directly into the soil using a multi-perforation drill. This requires much less watering and adds a desired number of seeds to the ft2 in order to fill the places in difficulty or simply give a second life to your land.

Mechanical Seeding (Existing Land)

This has the effect of fortifying and toning the root structure allowing it to develop well in the short and medium term and to compete with what already exists. Our state-of-the-art equipment will effectively restore your lawn without damaging what is already in place.

Hydrosol has already been using this process for several years in golf courses and large green spaces and we will offer this service in 2015 to residents wishing to have a result without having the hassle of removing everything and redoing.

Our seeds and recipes are adapted to the specifications of your land and soil type so that you can have a unique environment.