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Hydraulic seeding is an innovative technology for greener and healthier sodding at low costs. This seeding technique allows rapid and efficient germination. Different fertilizers mixed with water is sprayed on bare surfaces and allows the growth of a sparkling lawn in one step.

Hydraulic Seeding

With our changing climates, soils are often exposed to rain or drought, affecting the vegetation cover. In order to obtain greener spaces, we have the techniques and knowledge that privileges guaranteed success.

Hydrosol puts an end to expensive and messy processes and ensures that your lawn will be environmentally friendly while benefiting from the latest technology in agronomy.

Hydrosol is particularly fond of hydraulic seeding for its many virtues and to quickly cover large or small areas and thus overcome the problems of erosion. A technique in full expansion, hydro-seeding tends to stand out from all other techniques.

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As we have mentioned many times, hydro seeding is a technique that achieves a lawn that is rigorous, has benefits for the environment, but above all, is inexpensive. This is in fact the feature that further distinguishes this technique from all others.